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Alex and Jeremy: Engagement

Sometimes in this industry, you work really close with a bride through their whole wedding planning process. Sometimes, you chat on the phone for the first time a few weeks out. Alex fell more so into the later category, as we connected for the first time just two weeks out from her big day, but as we talked, it felt like we were old friends.

I am so excited to be a part of Alex and Jeremy's big day on October 17. You could say this day as been a long time coming - Alex and Jeremy have been together 1o years. When I asked them to describe their relationship in one sentence, Alex said she didn't know how to sum up that much time in one sentence. However, Jeremy came to her rescue, and he said either "aged like fine wine" or "started from the bottom, now we're here". While his answers might seem silly to some, Alex could only say how much that was like him, and wrapped it up with "He is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Alex and Jeremy will be married at St. Martins with a reception at The Millbottom. Alex said her favorite part of wedding planning is how making each decision makes her even more excited to marry him. She said the most stressful part has been her very Type B personality - she's pretty go with the flow - and her busy schedule. Alex said that's exactly why she hired a wedding coordinator. It provided her some assistance on making decisions and kept her on top of deadlines.

I can't wait to share more from their big day - I know it will be filled with sweet moments and some epic dance moves (I already promised Alex I'd join her on the dance floor at least once during the night). To hold us over until the big day, check out some of the sweetness from their engagement photos courtesy of Crabill Photo Co.

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