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The Gazebo

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

When looking at my logo, you might wonder what a gazebo has to do with wedding coordinating. Sure, it makes for a cute image, and some people might opt to use a gazebo as a backdrop for their ceremony, but is that really all there is? If you've looked at my page (or read the name of my company), you probably know there is something a bit more sentimental to it.

Growing up, I was always close to my Great Aunt Marinell and Great Uncle Jimmy. Marinell owned a wedding stationary shop on High Street called My Sentiments Exact! that my mother and I used to visit. While my mom and Marinell would talk, I would look at all the different types of cards and dream of all the types of people she worked with. But my favorite part of her store was her gazebo. It sat right in the middle of her store decorated with flowers and had the most posh purple sofa tucked inside. I would wander in and out of the gazebo dreaming of my own wedding one day.

When it came time to name by business, I never realized how difficult it would be. I wanted a name that had meaning to me, but also represented what my business stood for. I was tossing a few ideas around, but in May of 2019 my decision suddenly became much easier. My Uncle Jimmy passed away, and his memory inspired me to take the plunge and start Sentimentally Yours Event Co. I had just needed to go back to the shop on High Street where it all started, under the gazebo.

While it may not be the most modern name or the most hip logo, it is filled with memories and the essence of what I want my business to be built on - the love of weddings that started so long ago.

Sentimentally Yours,


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